Our Strategic Goals

Our Strategic Goals

We work in accordance with the Health Quality Standards and Dialysis guideline.

We work in order to ensure patients’ and employee’s security and satisfaction, as well as providing effective, timely and equitable services.

Parallel to the Health Quality Standards the dialysis targets are divided into two.

Category Goals that cover organizational goals that concern the way our organization provides service.

Achieving "effective" results in planned targets.

To control the "Effectiveness" of all planned and performed works and to ensure their continuity.

To increase "Efficiency" by using the right and minimum resources in accordance with the Health Quality Standards in reaching the targets.

To establish an ideal and safe working environment and infrastructure for healthcare stuff working in our dialysis center in order to maintain its "Healthy Working Life".

Category Goals that cover our responsibilities towards our patients who receive one-to-one service from our institution.

To ensure "Patient Safety" by carrying out precautionary and improvement activities in order to keep all foreseeable hazards that may cause harm to all patients and their relatives receiving treatment in our dialysis center, at an acceptable level of risk.

To act Fairly in ensuring that all our patients receiving treatment at our dialysis center benefit from equal rights based on their treatment and care needs, without any discrimination, and in securing all service processes provided by the institution.

In all services offered to our patients, taking into account the wishes, needs, expectations and values ​​of our patients, a "Patient-Oriented" approach in treatment care services and ensuring the active participation of the patient in the treatment and care processes.

Behaving "appropriately" with doctor prescription and institution procedures in the medical procedures and processes that are decided to be applied to patients.

Providing treatment and care services in the most appropriate and acceptable "Time" interval according to the needs of the patient.

Ensuring "Continuity" after the completion of the patient treatment.


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