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Why you need to receive customized dialysis?

If you’re too tired and exhausted when you got out of dialysis, this is a sign that your treatment should be reviewed. Because the purpose of the dialysis is to make the patient feel better. Some residual renal function; allows a more comfortable dialysis treatment and more liquid consumption in the diet.Therefore the amount of urine shouldn’t decrease after dialysis. With proper adjustment of dry weight and proper treatment, urine production can be preserved for a long period of time. Continue...
Welcome to Rentek Dialysis Center
Due to technological developments dialysis patients can spend a healty life for a long time. On the other hand many illnesses such as heart disease,diabetes,vascular disease and inflammatorily diseases can be seen more frequently.According to normal population these illnesses shortens lifetime meaningly.The early detection of these detrimental effects with regular clinic and lab examinations and with proper treatment this will affect positively on the lifetime of patients.

Our center that is aware of this will always be one step ahead of it’s rivals with it’s full time expert staff and a lab that is capable of doing all medical examinations.