Depression Test

What is depression?
Depression is a mood disorder that shows itself with emotional,behavioral and physical indications and be characterized with increase of tendency such as not to get pleasure out of life,depressed mood,and an increase regarding the thought of death.

Depression in Chronic Renal Failure
Depression often accompanies chronic renal failure. Patients and patient relatives mostly ignore the indications of depression. Early diagnosis and treatment change patients depressed emotional state. Thus life quality of patients increases and make them adapt much better to the treatment for their chronic illness.

Methods to cope with Chronic Diseases
Learn to live with the physical effects of illness, Learn your treatment, it’s important factors and your responsibility regarding the treatment, Try to keep your emotional balance against compelling living and negative emotions, Talk frankly with your doctor about any matter and ask for help.

What are the symptoms of Depression?-Mini Depression Test

Please mark the following symptoms If you experience them in the last two weeks.

1 I do not take pleasure from the things I used to like or interested in.    Yes (   )  No (   )  
2 I always feel upset, dejected, gloomy,anxious and depressed.               Yes (   )  No (   )  
3 I have no hope and expectations from the future anymore.                   Yes (   )  No (   )  
4 I have sleep disorder (If there is increase or decrease in your sleep Yes (   )  No (   )  
5 I always feel tired and exhausted, I have no energy for anything          Yes (   )  No (   )  
6 I have eating disorder (loss of appetite or increased appetite)              Yes (   )  No (   )  
7 I feel myself  worthless, blame myself for everything    Yes (   )  No (   )  
8 I’m having hard time focusing my attention, I’m so confused                Yes (   )  No (   )  
9 I feel  my moves become slower Yes (   )  No (   )  
10 I often have thoughts regarding death Yes (   )  No (   )  

If your answer is yes at least for one of the first three questions or say yes to 5 items you may be in depression.